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Namagri has prime proprieties on offer for you.

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Namagri offers leading auctioneering services. Have a look at upcoming auctions.

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NAMAGRI is a team of dedicated professionals with a strong focus on the agricultural sector. With over 20 years of experience offering customers known and proven products and solutions.

What can we do for you?

NAMAGRI can help you with agricultural & commercial properties, auctioneering services, aviation services as a Robinson Helicopter distributor and wildlife services.

What We Offer to You?

NAMAGRI’s team can offer you friendly and fast services with proven products that can show you the way forward.

1. Properties

Whether you want to sell your Residential Property, Commercial Property, Farm, Building or Store, we will be glad to assist you in choosing the right marketing channel with us. We can list your property within our network or Auction it for a quick result.

2. Auctions

We have over 20 years experience. Designations in the USA, Canada, South Africa, Australia and Namibia make him the first choice Auctioneer. Our service is characterised by Integrity, Honesty and Transparency.

3. Aviation

NAMAGRI aviation services is a leading distributor of Robinson Helicopters. We will provide you high-quality assistance with the purchase and the maintenance of new and pre-owned helicopters.

4. Wildlife Services

NAMAGRI’s Alex McDonald has vast experience as Auctioneer and off-the-stand Wildlife Trader. His long time involvement in the Wildlife Industry and a well-established network of clients ensure good sales all year round.

5. Bush Encroachment

In Southern Africa bush encroachment is fast becoming a crisis. To make an initial impact on a bush problem area one has to revert to chemical debushing, this method is safe and delivers results within a short period.

About Us

Founded in 2008 by Alex McDonald as Professional Auctioneer and then gradually expanding the five business lines to where Namagri is today. Qualified as Professional Auctioneer in 1996, Alex McDonald conducts Auctions in Namibia. Namagri’s Auctioneering Services is well-known for being professional executed.

Namagri’s team members are Estate Agents and registered with the NEAB to deliver this specialised service as Estate Agents to you. Whether you want to sell your Residential Property, Commercial Property, Farm, Building, Warehouse,
Business, Running Concern, Lodge, Plot or other fixed assets we will be glad to help you.

Namagri Aviation Services has a fleet of Helicopters and an Aeroplane to deliver the service to you if needed. Namagri is also the registered dealers and service center for the Robinson Helicopter Company in Namibia. We will give you quality and experienced help with the aquisiton and the maintenance of new and pre-owned helicopters.

Wildlife services on trade of wildlife as well as auctions has been our specialty over many years. Namagri is Namibia’s first legal aerial de-bushing company for over ten years.

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